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HYPER donates 1,000 N95 respirator masks to front line medical staff


The US CDC (Center for Disease Control) announced that COVID-19 hospitalization and deaths in the US will peak in the coming weeks. However, front line medical staff around the country are still facing shortages of PPE (protective medical equipment). These brave men and women are risking their lives and their families’ lives to save others. The least we can do is help ensure that they have enough PPE to keep themselves safe. 


1,000 N95 masks donated


HYPER has been working closely with our supply chain partners in Asia to procure N95 equivalent respirator masks from FDA approved manufacturers and have them shipped from Asia to the US. We are happy to announce that this morning, we delivered and donated the first batch of 1,000 N95 respirator masks to Kaiser Permanente Hospital in our home city, Fremont, CA.


Kaiser Permanente - Fremont


It is going to be a long, hard battle against COVID-19, and everyone has to play their part (for most, it will be social distancing to control the spread of the virus). This is just the first of many efforts HYPER will undertake to help the community pull through this. We encourage our industry peers to do the same. Together, we can beat COVID-19.

 Kaiser Permanente - Fremont


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